Join the international health community
at Hospital + Innovation Congress 2015!

Healthcare DENMARK is happy to invite you to the international Hospital + Innovation Congress in Odense, Denmark, on October 21-22, 2015.

In the next ten years, Denmark will invest more than €5.6 billion in 16 new hospital projects. These include new greenfield projects as well as expansion of existing capacity.

The congress is an open invitation to the international health community to join the discussion and to co-create innovative solutions to current issues under this year’s themes, patient involvement and increased efficiency. At the congress, you are invited to learn about Danish perspectives of building hospitals and to contribute to future healthcare solutions.

in 2013, the conference was a great success with more than 350 participants from all over the world networking and sharing knowledge with their peers in an international environment.

Registration opens soon.

For more information, please contact:

Anne Beck Henriksen
Chief Consultant
Healthcare DENMARK

For practical information regarding registration etc. please contact:

whinn-infoThe Hospital + Innovation congress is part of the Week of Health & INNovation (WHINN).
WHINN aims to inspire, facilitate new networks, and create new business in the health sector.