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Denmark will over the next ten years spend € 5.5 billion on the construction of 16 hospitals. At the international conference “Hospital+Innovation Congress – partnering for sustainable health care design” stakeholders from the public and private sector will meet to discuss sustainable future health care solutions through innovative private and public partnerships. The conference is open to all international stakeholders who are interested in establishing cross-border partnerships between public and private stakeholders.


Together we can shape the future… Private and public sectors who can join together to create a co-ordinated approach to care across the whole care system can radically innovate healthcare. If we can create a common understanding between the relevant stakeholders and the real needs of the patients and caregivers, we can collaborate to identify what the future care system can be and who can play a key role.

…and that future has unlimited possibilities. In the decade to come: Medicine, technology and bioscience will bring new discoveries. Information technologies will advance and become more seamless and imbedded. New models will emerge on the organisation of services. New Business models will develop that will enable more open innovation. New legislation will support society as it changes.

By co-creating with multi-disiplinary stakeholders across the public and private landscape we can build on and improve these trends that can influence the future of health.

Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess to Open the Hospital + Innovation Prototype Exhibition!

We are pleased to announce that HRH The Crown Princess will open the prototype section of the Hospital + Innovation Congress.

Please go to the prototype section on this homepage to see some of the prototypes.


Introduction to Southern Denmark Health Innovation – Video


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